Our benefits – Your advantages

At Advantest, we know that people who feel welcome and valued at their company are able to grow and develop personally and professionally, evolve their strengths, and shape the future. That’s why we don’t just offer the standard package of benefits – but much, much more.

At Advantest, you enjoy flexibility.

Life is often unpredictable, and there are always surprises along the way. So we offer you a variety of options that allow you to work flexibly, in line with your current situation – to help you respond to unforeseen events or to plan long-term for a new chapter in your life.

We define the overall time framework, and you decide for yourself how to divide up your daily hours according to our trust-based working time model. We firmly believe this approach enables you to strike the right balance between work, family and free time.

Our variety of part-time working models give you greater freedom to organize your life your way. Virtually anything is possible – from a temporary part-time arrangement to returning to work for us full-time on a permanent basis.

As life evolves, so do the things you want to focus on and the goals you want to achieve. From traveling the world, to starting a family, to building a house, to preparing for retirement – or simply taking that extended dream vacation. The priorities and wishes are changing depending on your individual life phases. That is why we offer you tailored opportunities to pursue your aspirations (through options for additional vacation days, for example, or programs for extended periods of absence).

Working with us is worth it.

At Advantest, you can be sure of an attractive salary that is reviewed on a yearly basis. In addition, we offer you the chance to share in the company’s success, plus a wide range of meaningful financial benefits.

Success is a team effort. And with this in mind, we reward you for your contribution and give you opportunities to share in Advantest’s success. In concrete terms, we offer you an exceptionally attractive bonus program – with the potential to earn up to 30% of your annual salary on top.

We watch out for your wallet – through contributions towards your travel costs, tax-efficient bicycle leasing for your work commute, a staff cafeteria, and subsidies for meals. What’s more, you can enjoy our handy Advantest Benefit Card (Mastercard) topped up monthly tax-free.

Money makes life easier. Your compensation as an intern, an apprentice or a student is not just good – it is very good! For example, for our cooperative-education students and apprentices, we cover costs for tuition fees, textbooks, printing and binding your bachelor’s thesis. Moreover, we pay for preparation courses, your Cambridge English Certificate, and even for master’s degree studies alongside your job.

Stay fit and healthy with us.

We want you to feel well at Advantest. That is why we offer a wide range of fitness and sport opportunities at all our sites – making it easier to be good to yourself.

We offer a range of health and fitness options. The chance to jog during your break. Employee discounts for gyms. And B2Run or cycle-riding events for a good cause – anyone and everyone who enjoys being active will enjoy a variety of opportunities to stay fit. What’s more, you can take part in our Global Challenge, or top up your e-bike at one of our charging points. Plus, there are showers available to use at all our sites.

You care about your health – and we do, too. That’s why we have created an up-to-date ergonomic working environment, with e.g. height-adjustable desks. Regular health days, vaccinations, general vaccination advice and computer-screen glasses are all part of our efforts to help you lead a healthy life.

Safeguards for whatever life brings.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. But what we can do is ensure that you are prepared for anything life throws your way. A company pension, (paid) leaves of absence, and a variety of insurance offerings mean you can look to the future with peace of mind.

Together, we will create your personal pension plan. In addition to basic pension contributions borne by us, you have the option of paying into it yourself – in which case, you benefit from very attractive terms and additional contributions from Advantest.

In an emergency you can count on us to be by your side. In the event of illness, your recovery is our top priority. We provide you with financial support, i.e. in the shape of your most recent net pay for up to 24 months. Working together with you, we will find a solution to any situation.

With us at your side, you are prepared for anything. Our group accident insurance provides you with global, around-the-clock coverage. Additionally, you have the opportunity to tailor your insurance package to your preferences (with e.g. occupational disability insurance) on special terms.

Grow with us.

Learning is a lifelong process. Whether you are a school or university student, a graduate, or an experienced professional – you are always growing. We offer you diverse ways to broaden your horizons and to take your career at Advantest forward.

We make every effort to ensure you get off to a great start at Advantest. Our Smart Start onboarding program helps new employees become familiar with their specific role, their immediate workplace, and the company as a whole. From the beginning, you will have a mentor who provides you with support and helps you to learn the ropes. And in our New Employee Orientation Program, you will get to know Advantest better, and have the opportunity to connect with other newcomers.

A job – and countless opportunities for you to develop further. Acquire hard or soft skills through training sessions, take part in language courses, team-building activities, knowledge sessions, and visit marketplaces, conferences, and trade shows – we support your personal development plan.

Whatever your professional goals – from pursuing a career in management or becoming a technical expert – you can achieve them with us. We offer annual performance feedback sessions, and discussions on your development, working hand-in-glove with you to advance your career.

As an apprentice at Advantest, you will spend time in a wide range of departments, and have the opportunity to visit our other sites. This allows you to gain a good overview of our organizational structure, and to get to know the company and individual teams even better. University students also have the option of spending a semester abroad to gain valuable experience and establish important contacts for the future.